One-Off House Cleaning
One-Off House Cleaning

One-Off House Cleaning

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One-Off House Cleaning

Our inclusive house cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning of however many rooms of your home that you specify. When you choose our services, it has never been easier to hire a cleaner! Near Me Cleaning will send an operative to your home, and they will work hard to ensure the following things are covered:

  • Vacuuming of all specified rooms.
  • Mopping of any tiled or wooden flooring.
  • Detailed cleaning of all rooms and hallways (see below).
  • Cleaning of walls, windowsills, mirrors and surfaces.
  • Dusting, changing of sheets, removal of cobwebs, and skirting board cleaning.

The only things that we do not cover are the cleaning of windows and the insides of cookers. These tasks should be carried out by specially trained individuals, or cannot be completed to a high enough degree within a one hour time frame.

Bathroom Cleaning

Our bathroom cleaning service is included in House Cleaning and covers:

  • Vacuuming and mopping of the floors.
  • Cleaning of the shower screens, toilet, sink and bath.
  • Lime scale removal from all areas.
  • Mirrors, walls, all other surfaces will be left gleaming.

Lounge and Living Room Cleaning

We clean your lounge or living room to glistening perfection using eco-friendly cleaning products. Our lounge and living room cleaning service covers:

  • Full dusting and vacuuming of the room.
  • Skirting board cleaning, cobweb removal and windowsill washing.
  • Our skilled cleaners will remove marks from your walls wherever possible.
  • They will also plump your cushions and dust down your soft furnishings with a dry cloth.

Kitchen Cleaning

When you hire a cleaner from Near Me Cleaning, your kitchen will have:

  • All work surfaces and units cleaned to food safety standards.
  • The hob, extractor fan, and front of the cooker cleaned.
  • All other appliances cleaned, as well as walls and tiles.
  • The windowsills washed, skirting boards wiped, and lime scale removed.
  • A full vacuum and mopping, as well as cobweb removal.

Bedroom Cleaning

Our cleaners take care of everything on your behalf. In the bedroom, they will:

  • Dust all surfaces, clean the skirting boards and windowsills, and will remove any cobwebs.
  • Change the bedding if you leave out a fresh set.
  • Clean all your mirrors, wipe down units, and vacuum thoroughly.

Hallways and Other Areas

Our experienced cleaners will also vacuum, dust, clean the skirting boards and walls, and remove any cobwebs throughout your home.